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Incredible courses combined with a pathway of learning to keep you focused.

Courses taught by the best instructors online and for every level and guitar ability. We ensure that you are not overwhelmed to keep you focused and enjoying your learning with our incredible pathways system.

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A simple category system that actually helps you learn.


Our multiple course categories each complements the others to provide a holistic view of learning guitar. They also makes things way more fun!

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A clean, modern website to support your learning with great features.

Guitar Club subscription features

Our mantra with the Guitar Club is to create a platform that actually supports your learning, rather than adding more confusion & optional paralysis. Our clean, simple and crystal clear layout ensures that this the case.

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Our interactive tab, progress tracking, carefully crafted diagrams, and epic supportive content ensure that you get the most from your learning. Take a quick video tour above to see it all in action.

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70+ Courses

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Every student needs feedback from an experienced mentor.





As a member of the Guitar Club you get access to our incredible team of mentors. These are the best tutors in the business, who have been teaching for years, ready to help guide your learning as you need the help.

Progress reviews

Progress Reviews

Every month you can post a progress review on our community group, and one of our mentors will give you feedback and extra guidance on your playing.

Join our community of wonderful guitar learners from all over the world!

Discord community

Keep your guitar passion alive and kicking with our community pages, chatting about gear, practice tips, theory, music in general and pretty much anything else that interests you!

Weekly live workshops

Weekly live workshops

Tune in with our live mentors to experience real time learning from the comfort of your own home!

Here's what our amazing community has to say about us...

We're nothing without our fantastic community of members, and we've been lucky enough to receive some amazing feedback over the years. Here's just a few of our favourites...

Best site I've found for learning guitar and I've tried most of the big names. The difference here is the lessons are structured around what you need to do to improve and provide clear ways to practice.


I've been playing guitar for years, but have never properly understood how to take my playing to the next level. Then I stumbled upon Guitar Club, and I am so grateful to Dan and the YGA team for their brilliantly structured and inspirational guidance and lessons. This is exactly what I was looking for, and I am pleased to say that my playing has taken a big leap forward.


I could sit down and write positives about this guitar teaching site for ages! There are no negatives to write about. Every teacher on this course is genuinely passionate about what they do and this reflects on my learning.

J Rod

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As a Guitar Club member you can say goodbye to frustration and stop being overwhelmed by the prospect of learning guitar. Within minutes you will have chosen your first pathway and be starting your brand new learning journey. It's just too exciting!

Epic Course Library

Instant access to every player study, guitar skills, theory lab, challenge and guitar gym course.

Learning Pathway

Find the structure you desperately need to progress and take the next steps in your playing.

Full Write Ups

Interactive tab, chord diagrams, supporting material, backing tracks and more.

Progress Tracking

A great plan can't be completed without great execution. We inspire you pick up the guitar each day.

Best Community

Connect & chat with like-minded students & your mentors via our wonderful Discord community.

YGA Mentors

Feedback and support from our team of tutors, on hand to keep you focused and moving forwards.

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There isn't a single other site online that cares as much about your actual progress as YGA. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when all the noise is gone. When you can simply focus on the pathway, focus on the journey of learning, and enjoy it. Then, the sky is truly the limit!

Dan Holton

YGA Founder

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