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Acoustic Beginners Level 2

Guitar Skills



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Time to get creative

Welcome to our Acoustic Beginners Level 2 course! This course picks up where the level 1 course left off, and starts to focus on injecting more creativity into your playing, and even start writing your own songs! We assume you've got a good grasp on the basics from the previous course, and start building on those foundations. We introduce a new type of chord that can really help with songwriting, and add a new dimension to your playing with fingerstyle Travis Picking.

I'll show you a technique that will add a whole new dimension to your guitar playing using chords you've already learnt!

Dan Holton

Continue the journey

As with all of our courses we use custom written songs so apply the concepts with a real focus so you can have fun playing full songs safe in the knowledge that you're practicing exactly what you need to be practicing! By the end of this course you'll have enough skills to play most folk and pop records, play with friends and even start playing live if you fancy it! This is the perfect course to continue your acoustic guitar journey.


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

Sus Chords Part 1

During this first part of the course we, will introduce you to some of the open Sus chord shapes and explain how you can use and apply them into your own songwriting and composition by learning a cool new song!

Lesson 1What Are 'Sus' chords?

Lesson 2D Sus Chords

Lesson 3C & G Sus Chords

Lesson 4Sus Chord Song 1 - Part 1

Lesson 5Sus Chord Song 1 - Part 2

Lesson 6Sus Chord Song 1 - Part 3

Unit 2

Sus Chords Part 2

We will learn a new set of Sus chords and once agin explain how you can use and apply them into your own songwriting and composition. We also have an even trickier Sus chord song ready to be mastered, so get those acoustic guitars at the ready!

Lesson 1Esus & Asus Chords

Lesson 2FSus Chords

Lesson 3Sus Chord Song 2 - Part 1

Lesson 4Sus Chord Song 2 - Part 2

Lesson 5Sus Chord Song 2 - Part 3

Unit 3

Travis Picking Part 1

The technique is all about keeping a moving bass line with your thumb and melody notes with the fingers, so it is pretty challenging! However, we will break it down nice and slow for you and apply everything we learn to a cool folk song!

Lesson 1Travis Picking

Lesson 2Adding Chords

Lesson 3"Let Them All Go"

Lesson 4"Let Them All Go" - Part 1

Lesson 5"Let Them All Go" - Part 2

Unit 4

Travis Picking Part 2

We will start by learning two new finger-style patterns which we will apply to some new 7th chord shapes. These 7th chords will expand your open chord shapes. We then tackle a beautiful folk tune to ensure you apply all of your new skills!

Lesson 1Whole Bar Pattern

Lesson 27th Chords

Lesson 3"I'm Going Home"

Lesson 4"I'm Going Home" - Part 1

Lesson 5"I'm Going Home" - Part 2

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