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Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 2

Guitar Skills



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The is the sound...

Completed Fingerstyle level 1? It's time for level 2. This course really reminds me of when I first picked up my acoustic guitar and I was listening to guys like John Mayer. I became obsessed, because I just loved that percussive sound that he was able to make. It was like he was playing the same chords that I knew, and it all looked quite familiar, and yet something really cool was happening with right side of the guitar. There's this thumb hit and a slap and all of kind of percussive things. Thomas has kind of taken that style, and that percussive feeling, and actually put it into a into a structure that allows us to learn it properly, and quickly.

If you love that style of playing, then this course will light you up. I'll teach you how to build these skills piece by piece, with some fun and beautiful songs to guide us along the way!

Thomas McConville

Chords, melody & percussion

This whole course is a progression towards being able to playing melody, chords and percussion, all in one! Pretty cool, right? As we work through the units, we develop al the skills you need to be able to piece together intricate fingerstyle parts confidently and with some serious groove. As well as that, we dive into more complicated chords, such as 7th shapes, and finally talk about the theory behind these pieces. Terms like "secondary dominant" & "modal interchange" will feature massively! Don't worry, we'll make it simple for you, sot hat you can use it and recognise it in your own tracks!


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

The Grab

In this first unit, Thomas will be introducing you to the idea of "grabbing chords". Everything we've done up to this point has been working with single fingerpicking, which is an essential foundation.

Lesson 1Chord Vs Arpeggios

Lesson 2Melody

Lesson 3Section A

Lesson 4Section B

Lesson 5All Together

Unit 2

The Sweep

Our next challenge is to take the basic concept from the previous unit and level it up by introducing more complex chord shapes and quicker changes

Lesson 17th Chords

Lesson 2First Bars

Lesson 3Modal Interchange

Lesson 4More Chords

Lesson 5The Whole

Unit 3

The Slap

We're going to take another big step up in this unit, by introducing percussion to our fingerstyle practice. We often call this technique "the slap", as we add a literal hit to the guitar strings on the 2nd and 4th beat of the bar.

Lesson 1The Slap

Lesson 2Groove Time

Lesson 3The First Theme

Lesson 4Section B

Lesson 5C Section

Unit 4

The Melody Maker

For our final unit, we will take everything we have learned so far and put it all together in this beautiful piece.

Lesson 1Section A

Lesson 2Section A Continued

Lesson 3Section B

Lesson 4Section B Continued

Lesson 5All Together!

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