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Whole Lotta Angus!

Welcome to the Angus Young Player Study! Angus Young is undeniably one of the most influential rock guitarists in history. In this course, we delve into what makes his style so captivating and teach you how to play like the legend himself. If you're a lifelong AC/DC fan like we are, you'll appreciate that one word defines Angus Young's playing: "groove." His rhythmic lead guitar style gives even the most complex rock tracks with an infectious groove that's impossible to resist. In this course you'll learn how to incorporate that into your own playing!

There is one word that i think best describes the overall sound of Angus Young's playing and that is: Groove

Dan Holton

Get the groove

Unit 1 kicks off with a full Angus-style solo, focusing on absorbing his sound and mastering licks. In Unit 2, we delve into the importance of understanding both the lead and backing track, exploring AC/DC's approach to chords and rhythms. Moving on to Unit 3, we take a deeper dive into Angus's lead playing style, covering vibrato, bending techniques, and pentatonic scale rhythms. Finally, in Unit 4, we challenge you, providing a backing track and a selection of Angus-style licks, then tasking you with constructing your solo, giving you a chance to put everything you've learnt into practice!


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

For Those About To Solo

We will now dive straight into a full Angus style solo! At this point, it's all about absorbing his sound and getting some great licks and concepts into your fingers, before we dive any deeper!

Lesson 1Pentatonic Shapes

Lesson 2Lick 1 & 2

Lesson 3Lick 3 & 4

Lesson 4Lick 5 & 6

Lesson 5Lick 7 & 8

Unit 2

For Those About To Rhythm

Now we'll take a look at the track behind the solo. It's so important to understand the backing track as well as the lead, and we take this opportunity to talk about how ACDC approach the chord and rhythm parts when writing their amazing tunes!

Lesson 1Open Power Chords

Lesson 2The Verse

Lesson 3The Chorus

Lesson 4The Structure

Lesson 5Have A Go!

Unit 3


For Unit 3, we start to take a deeper look at Angus's specific style for lead playing. We take a look at his vibrato style, his bending techniques and the rhythms he uses to play through the pentatonic scales.

Lesson 1Angus Bends

Lesson 2Lead Rhythms

Lesson 3Major & Minor

Lesson 4Continued...

Lesson 5Finding Pathways

Unit 4

Build Your Solo

Now we lay down a challenge for you, and an important learning curve to experience. We provide you with the backing track, a selection of Angus style licks (utilising everything we have covered so far) and then ask you to construct a solo!

Lesson 1The Jam Track

Lesson 2Lick 1 & 2

Lesson 3Lick 3 & 4

Lesson 4Getting Creative

Lesson 5Now Your Turn!

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