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Blues like BB

If you've heard of the blues then you've heard of B.B. King. With his incredible feel, tone, bending and vibrato he truly is The King of the Blues. In this course, Dan passionately takes you through the key aspects of B.B.King's style to allow you to bring some of it into your own blues playing. He'll guide you through two solos in the style of 'The Thrill is Gone' and 'Three O Clock Blues', and take an in depth look at B.B. King's note choice over each chord in a blues. If you've always wanted to play the blues like The King this is the course for you!

The simplest of licks played in a certain way will bring your playing to life

Dan Holton

Tasteful soloing

The course is structured into four progressive stages, each building on the previous one. It begins with a focus on vibrato, phrasing, and bending techniques, essential for capturing BB King's signature style. As you advance, you'll delve into the intricate nuances of blues playing, exploring major and minor scales, and mastering chord tone soloing using dominant seventh and triad arpeggios. Along the way, you'll learn to effortlessly blend scale shapes and create soulful blues lines.


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

The Fun Is Back

Welcome to our B.B.King player study! Let’s get started by learning a BB style solo in the key of B minor. This is a great place to start as, theory wise, and allows us to really focus in on his phrasing, vibrato and incredible tone.

Lesson 1The Pentatonic Shapes

Lesson 2Lick 1

Lesson 3Lick 2 & 3

Lesson 4Lick 4 & 5

Lesson 5Putting It Together

Unit 2

Minor & Major

In our second section of the course we will be diving deeper into the combination of the minor and major pentatonic scales, and how B.B.King uses them.

Lesson 6Position 1 & Lick

Lesson 7Position 2 & Lick

Lesson 8Position 3 & Lick

Lesson 9Position 4 & Lick

Lesson 10Putting It Together

Unit 3

Chord Tone Soloing

In our third section we will be exploring the exact way B.B.King constructs his improvisation over a 12 bar blues. He is the king (no pun intended) of chord tone soloing!

Lesson 11The Idea

Lesson 12Lick 1 & 2

Lesson 13Lick 3 & 4

Lesson 14Lick 5 & 6

Lesson 15Lick 7 & 8

Unit 4

Four O'Clock Blues

For our final section we will be putting all of our theory and new skills together in a great blues piece. The track is in a slow 12/8 time signature, which is more traditionally called a “slow blues” and features all the best of B.B.King.

Lesson 16Lick 1

Lesson 17Lick 2

Lesson 18Lick 3

Lesson 19Lick 4

Lesson 20Tips and Tricks

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