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Beginners Bends




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Time to master those bends!

The guitar has a real superpower, and that power is string bending. Bending a string from one note to the next gives you access to a more vocal-like quality, as well as a range of notes that are simply not available to us on an instrument like the piano. The sound of your bend can almost act as a signature for your playing. It dives a little more deeply into the soul of the player, and, once you have the technique down, you can use bends to make the guitar sing as you want it to sing. We can’t teach you the latter part, as that’s within you, but we can help you get it out by helping you master the technique you need to be confident playing bends on the guitar.

I’m going to walk you through every aspect you need to learn to play a wide range of bends and learn how to start controlling them. Technique is at the forefront here, then the musicality will come from that.

Franco Lacan

Whole, half, quarter and more.

Although our focus in this course is technique, we’ll also learn about pitch and working with ear training. To ensure we cover all of these bases, we will have an example solo with every single lesson in the course. Each solo works on a different type of bend, covering whole tone, half tone, quarter tone, pre-bends, muting, unison bends, and more! No stone is left unturned in this course, so if you feel as though you could do with a little extra help to get your bends sounding great, this is the course for you. You can even use it as a dictionary of bends, and a study piece to keep returning to as you continue to progress on your journey.


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This course includes the following unit:

Unit 1

Beginners Bends

Work on every type of bend

Lesson 1What Is A Bend?

Lesson 2Full Tone Bend

Lesson 3Smaller Bends

Lesson 4Unison Bends

Lesson 5Control!

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