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Beginners Rhythm




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The most important thing

As you progress through your guitar journey, your ability to play rhythmically is going to be the most important element of your playing. In fact, simply realising that rhythm is the #1 most important aspect of your playing, is going to be a huge step on your journey. It is very common to consider chords, scales or even the physicality of playing more important. It isn't. Rhythm is the boss, and needs as much, if not more attention than anything else.

Trust me, without a good groove, no matter how many notes you play, or how many chords you know, you will never sound like a top guitar player.

Dan Holton

Play any rhythm part just by listening

In this course, Dan will take you on a 6 lesson interactive rhythm journey. At its core we will be using a single drum beat, and with that grounding, work our way through every type of core groove you will need to learn at this stage. My aim is to give you the skills to hear any rhythm guitar part in any song, and know how to achieve that with your strumming hand... Just by listening! We'll do this by working interactively, so make sure you have your guitars on your laps as you're working through the lessons!


6 HD videos

Full lesson notes

Backing tracks

This course includes the following unit:

Unit 1

Beginners Rhythm

Dan will take you on a 5 lesson interactive rhythm journey.

Lesson 14ths & 8ths

Lesson 2Swinging 8ths

Lesson 38th Downstrokes

Lesson 416th Notes

Lesson 5When To Use What?

Lesson 6The Answers!

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