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Carlos Santana

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The smoothest lead around

Welcome to the Carlos Santana Player Study! Santana has one of the most unique and recognizable guitar styles from the last 50 years. In this course, we look at how you can achieve that signature sound. For the lead playing, we use two custom riffs and solos based around two of his biggest hits to explain how he utilizes a range of cool techniques and licks. We also take an in-depth look at the Dorian scale as it plays a huge part in his style, both in the lead parts and in the rhythm parts. We also learn how to construct those Santana-style rhythm tracks by taking a closer look at the theory behind them and how to play those awesome Latin American style grooves.

Santana has one of the most unique and recognizable guitar styles from the last 50 years. I'll show you how to get that signature sound!

Dan Holton

Get the tone

As with all our player studies, we aim not only to show you how to play in the style of this great player, but we help you truly understand how he plays, allowing you to incorporate the aspects you enjoy into your playing. We also go the extra mile to show you how to get Santana's signature tone, taking you through the guitars, amps, pedals, and settings you need to sound exactly like him. This course is challenging, but it's broken down into manageable steps, making it accessible to all intermediate guitar players. You'll have a lot of fun along the way.


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This course includes the following 5 units:

Unit 1

He's Not Anywhere

To kick off our Santana course we will look at a pentatonic based solo. This solo is based on early Santana style solo's which were full of energy, attack, aggression, and of course, plenty of notes at crazy speeds!

Lesson 1"He's Not Anywhere"

Lesson 2Lick 1-3

Lesson 3Lick 4-5

Lesson 4Lick 6-7

Lesson 5Lick 8

Unit 2

The Dorian Mode

Carlos Santana is a big user user of the Dorian mode. In this course we will discuss firstly what the Dorian mode is, and then how to apply it to your lead playing in order to play like Santana!

Lesson 6What Is The Dorian Scale?

Lesson 7Scale Shapes 1-3

Lesson 8Scale Shapes 4-5

Lesson 9Dorian Lick 1

Lesson 10Dorian Lick 2

Unit 3

Dorian Chords & Rhythm

We will now expand our Dorian knowledge even further by working out which chords work the best in Dorian chord progressions. We will be applying these chords to 3 awesome Santana grooves.

Lesson 11Dorian Chords

Lesson 12"Oye Como What?!" Groove

Lesson 13"He's Not Anywhere" Groove

Lesson 14"Jingo Jango" Groove

Lesson 15Improvising

Unit 4

Oye Como What

In this final section we will take all of the new Dorian ideas and apply them to this extremely cool Santana solo! The solo is quick and moves up and down the fretboard from lick to lick.

Lesson 16"Oye Como What?!"

Lesson 17Lick 1-2

Lesson 18Lick 3-4

Lesson 19Lick 5

Lesson 20Lick 6-7

Unit 5

Getting The Tone

Carlos Santana has one of the most iconic and recognisable guitar sounds out there, so how did he get it? We put together the guitars, amps and pedals that create the Santana tone.

Lesson 21Getting The Tone - Carlos Santana

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