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Cory Wong

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Time to get it Wong

Welcome to our Cory Wong player study! We're excited to bring you this 4 Unit masterclass in funky grooves... Cory Wong style. During the course, we'll be exploring Cory's very unique right and left-hand technique, covering everything that makes Cory such a unique player. Cory Wong is a true master of rhythmical playing and we will guide you through the key elements of his technique, trick bag and theory, building up to an epic Wong style track at the end of the course. So, when you're ready, pick up your guitars and let's get started!

Cory Wong is well known for having the loosest and funkiest right wrist on the planet!!

Dion Rushe

Master 16th notes

This course begins with a detailed exploration of Cory Wong's distinctive right-hand technique. Dion guides you in developing impressive 16th-note strumming patterns in Cory's style. As your strumming hand adapts to the Wong groove, the focus shifts to the fretting hand, where you'll learn to infuse Cory Wong's magic into single-note melody lines, transforming them into rhythmic elements. Unit 3 introduces five remarkable tricks from Cory Wong's repertoire, enhancing your funk playing skills. In the final unit, Dion combines everything, presenting a challenging piece that incorporates 16th note strumming, diverse chords, key changes, and pentatonic intervals. Lots to work on to help you tackle any of Cory's songs!


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

The Cory Strum

We kick off the course with an in-depth look at Cory Wong's right-hand technique. He is well known for having the loosest, funkiest and most boneless right wrist on the planet!

Lesson 116th's

Lesson 21 E and A

Lesson 31 E and A

Lesson 4Moving Chord

Lesson 5Whole Track

Unit 2

The Fretting Hand

In this unit, we'll be taking single note melody lines, and adding the Cory Wong magic to pull them into the rhythm, rather than lead, category.

Lesson 6Single Notes

Lesson 7Two Notes

Lesson 8Two Strings!

Lesson 9The Track

Lesson 10Part 2

Unit 3

Cory's Classics

In this section, we'll be taking a look at 5 amazing tricks from Cory Wong's trick bag. These are little ideas that when applied to funk playing, take you to a whole new level.

Lesson 119th Chords

Lesson 1211th Chords

Lesson 13Pentatonic 4ths

Lesson 144th's Exercise

Lesson 1532nd Note Burst

Unit 4

Getting It Wong

In this final unit, Dion brings it all together for you! We have a super cool project piece for you to learn that uses the 16th note strumming, a variety of chords, key changes, pentatonic 3rd and 4th

Lesson 16Basic Grooves

Lesson 17Frills & Spills

Lesson 18B Section

Lesson 19Fancy Bits

Lesson 204th's Revisited

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