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David Gilmour

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Welcome to the David Gilmour Player Study. The perfect course for all Pink Floyd fans! Learn how to seamlessly incorporate Dave Gilmour's style into your own playing. Including full breakdowns of two awesome solos, the key techniques and theory behind Gilmour's playing, and a look at exactly what gear you need to match his tone, this course is ideal for all fans of classic rock music. decipher the scales, techniques, and arpeggios that define his genius.

I love how David Gilmour effortlessly layers pentatonics scales with diatonic scales for an unmistakable sound

Dan Holton

Understand the full approach

In addition to solo studies, take a deep dive into how Gilmour plays scales, chords, and arpeggios across the fretboard. Our goal is twofold: not only to teach you to play like David Gilmour but to help you understand his approach, so you can naturally incorporate ideas into your own playing. We even guide you through the gear and settings needed to replicate Gilmour's iconic tone. While this course presents challenges, it breaks them down into manageable steps, ensuring accessibility for intermediate guitarists. Get ready for an enjoyable and enlightening musical journey


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This course includes the following 5 units:

Unit 1

Uncomfortably Sensitive

To kick things off, we'll tackle an awesome Gilmour-esque solo that highlights his use of bends, vibrato, double note rhythms and minor scale notes. These techniques are crucial to mastering his style!

Lesson 1Uncomfortably Sensitive

Lesson 2Gilmour Bends

Lesson 3Minor Scale

Lesson 4Rhythmic Double Stops

Lesson 5Visualising Scales

Unit 2

Gilmour Arpeggios

David Gilmour isn't all about pentatonics; he uses a combination of scales and arpeggios in his soloing. To understand how you can do the same, we'll begin by learning the main three-string arpeggio shapes.

Lesson 6Raking & Sweeping

Lesson 73 String Major Arpeggios

Lesson 83 string Minor Arpeggios

Lesson 9Arpeggio Madness 1

Lesson 10Arpeggio Madness 2

Lesson 11Arpeggio Madness 3

Unit 3

The Layering Effect

If you want to improvise like David Gilmour, you need "The Layering Effect" in your toolbox! You'll learn how this technique can enrich your improvisation, allowing you to easily play pentatonics, full scales, chords and arpeggios in just one position!

Lesson 12Layering Effect

Lesson 13Major Arpeggios

Lesson 14Minor Arpeggios

Lesson 15Adding The Full Scale

Lesson 16Layering Effect In Practice

Unit 4

Another Plank In The Fence

Now, we're ready to tackle another solo, applying all of the theory we have learnt so far to some awesome Gilmour licks. The sound is a lot cleaner than "Uncomfortably Sensitive", so we'll have to be accurate and draw the tone from our fingers.

Lesson 17"Another Plank In the Fence"

Lesson 18Part 1

Lesson 19Part 2

Lesson 20Part 3

Lesson 21Part 4

Unit 5

Getting The Tone

With David Gilmour it's so important to match the right guitar with the right amp, and then add a few choice pedals to really bring the sound together. In these videos, Chris will show you how we got that classic Gilmour tone!

Lesson 22"Uncomfortably Sensitive" Tone

Lesson 23"Another Plank In The Fence" Tone

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