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Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran’s guitar playing is so much more than your standard singer songwriter strumming a few chords to accompany themself. Ed’s a real virtuoso in his specific style of groove based acoustic music, and we have a lot to learn from him. In fact, Thomas has broken his style down into four core techniques and ideas that we need to master. The slap technique, the chug technique, the flowing fingerstyle technique & the art of embellishing simple chord shapes. In this course, we cover all of these skills and ensure that you understand how to use them in your own playing.

I was first taken by how Ed managed to take such simple chord progressions, and make them sound so interesting. The grooves, the flicks and the impressive fingerstyle. It’s so much more than your standard singer songwriter strumming.

Thomas McConville

Upgrade your acoustic skills

Thomas’s goal in this course is to take your basic acoustic playing and massively upgrade it by adding Ed’s unique strumming styles and embellishments. Using three core songs as a base for our learning, Thomas will take you through all three rhythm techniques, as well as how to easily add extra colour to your playing with embellishments. In fact, to really drive home the idea of upgrading chords with embellishments, we’ve written an entire unit focused around the theory and practice behind this technique. By the end of the course, you will be able to play three Ed Sheeran style songs, add new life to your standard chords with embellishments, and most importantly, have a deep understanding of how to use a variety of grooves to take your acoustic playing to a whole new level!

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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

Audible Pontification

This unit is all about introducing you to that “slow slap chord pluck” as Thomas so beautifully puts it!

Lesson 1The Slap Technique!

Lesson 2The Verse Section

Lesson 3The Pre Chorus Section

Lesson 4The Chorus Section

Lesson 5The Structure

Unit 2

Chordal Flickys

We’re going to be taking a deeper dive into the improvisational nature of Ed Sheeran’s playing, focusing in on those flicks and twists that he plays around with on open chord and barre chord shapes.

Lesson 1The G Chord Shape

Lesson 2The C & Am Chord Shape

Lesson 3The A & D Chord Shape

Lesson 4Barre Chords

Lesson 5Practice With This

Unit 3

Lanzarote Water

We are now ready to move on from the “pluck and slap” that we’ve been studying so far, to Ed’s more intricate fingerstyle playing.

Lesson 1The Verse Section

Lesson 2The Pre Chorus

Lesson 3The Chorus

Lesson 4The Bridge

Lesson 5The Structure

Unit 4

The B Squad

We’re now going to take a deep dive into the final style of rhythm and groove that Ed is famous for.

Lesson 1The Core Groove

Lesson 2The Intro & Verse

Lesson 3The Pre-Chorus

Lesson 4The Chorus

Lesson 5The Bridge & Structure

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