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Electric Beginners Level 2

Guitar Skills



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Time rock with power chords!

Welcome to our Electric Beginners Level Two course. In this course we really start to take advantage of the capabilities of the electric guitar over the acoustic - the biggest of all being the ability to plug into an amp and create distorted sounds! We therefore start by learning one of the most fundamental chords in guitar - Power Chords. These chords really do define rock, punk, indie and grunge music and you can hear them used everywhere from Green Day to Nirvana and Guns N' Roses! An indispensable weapon to have in your guitar arsenal.

In this course I'm going to unlock one of the most important chords in all of guitar - the power chord!

Dan Holton

Get the blues

In this course we walk you through how power chords are built, the key shapes you need and then use custom written songs to master them. This is also our first peek into the massive world of blues guitar! Electric blues is one of the most important musical styles in our history and you'll be amazed how quickly you can pick up the main structures and riffs! We cover the 12 bar blues format, expand our chord repertoire with dominant seventh chords and, as always, apply all of this to custom written songs. By the end of this course you'll be able to play along with hundreds if not thousands of rock pop blues indie and punk songs and be ready to move on to level 3 - the bridge between you and intermediate guitar playing!


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

Turn It Up To 11! Part 1

We will be taking a step away from the open chords and venturing further up the neck by learning power chords! Powerchords are the foundation of thousands of rock/punk songs, and we will learn how they work and play two awesome powerchord riffs!

Lesson 1Powerchords

Lesson 2Riff 1 - Part 1

Lesson 3Riff 1 - Part 2

Lesson 4A String Powerchords

Lesson 5Riff 2 - Part 1

Lesson 6Riff 2 - Part 2

Lesson 7Riff 2 - Part 3

Unit 2

Turn It Up To 11! Part 2

We begin by looking at palm muting, then we expand our powerchords and finally put it all into practice by learning a full Green Day style song! This course is great fun and will get your powerchords up to scratch in no time.

Lesson 1Palm Muting

Lesson 2Bigger Shapes

Lesson 3"Don't Say I Never Try"

Lesson 4"Don't Say I Never Try" Part 1

Lesson 5"Don't Say I Never Try" Part 2

Unit 3

Electric Blues Part 1

There is nothing more satisfying than playing through a cool blues riff and seeing people move their bodies to the groove you're laying down! This is exactly what we want to achieve on this course, and we kick off with a blues tune and 7th chords.

Lesson 1What Is a 12 Bar?

Lesson 27th Chords

Lesson 3"Travelling Eyes"

Lesson 4"Travelling Eyes" - Part 1

Lesson 5"Travelling Eyes" - Part 2

Unit 4

Electric Blues Part 2

In this set of lessons, we will be tackling a classic Chicago blues sound that will not only sound great, but also seriously test your guitar skills! In fact, it is so tricky that we have dedicated almost an entire course to it!

Lesson 1"Save Me From This Man"

Lesson 2"Save Me From This Man" Part 1

Lesson 3"Save Me From This Man" Part 2

Lesson 4"Save Me From This Man" Part 3

Lesson 5Getting Tasty

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