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Electric Blues Essentials Level 3

Guitar Skills



This course includes the following 4 units

Unit 1

Funky Blues

In unit 1, our focus is the funky blues! This has a big John Mayer Trio vibe and is all about developing incredible right and left-hand coordination and understanding.

Unit 2

Modern Blues

In unit 2, we dial back the aggression and focus on a modern style blues, using the most modern fingerstyle techniques, with a cool new set of chords and arpeggios called the minor 7 flat 5's!

Unit 3

8 Bar Blues

For unit 3, we return to the classic blues shuffle sound, but this time working through an 8 bar blues! Ever heard of it? Well, it's far more common than you think, with Clapton, Freddie King and many more being great lovers of the style!

Unit 4

Soul Blues

We've saved the best for last... Soul blues! We bring back the 6/8 groove from Essentials 2, and combining it with a much wider range of chords and bring in the most advanced piece of theory we have covered yet, namely the idea of "secondary dominants"


Complete your blues journey

Welcome to Blues Essentials Level 3! This course marks the final stage in our Blues Essentials trinity. Before diving into this course, ensure you've mastered Blues Essentials Levels 1 and 2. Here, we delve deeper into the essence of blues, emphasizing that it's not confined to a 12-bar structure; it's a feeling, a style of playing that transcends boundaries. Level 3 covers four different types of blues – funky, modern, eight-bar, and soul blues – exploring dominant chord theory and major-minor crossovers without the traditional 12-bar framework. Join us on this exciting journey towards blues mastery!

The blues is a feeling, the blues is a way of playing, the blues transcends far beyond the boundary of a 12 bar structure!

Dan Holton

Become the blues

In this course, the focus is on expanding blues guitar skills across four units. Unit 1 delves into the funky blues style, emphasizing right and left hand coordination, and mastery of 7th and 9th chords. Unit 2 explores modern blues, introducing modern fingerstyle techniques and unique chords called minor seven flat fives. Unit 3 revisits the classic blues shuffle within an eight-bar framework, incorporating whole diminished chords for added complexity. Finally, Unit 4 covers soul blues, combining a 12/8 groove with a variety of chords, including secondary dominant chords. This comprehensive course will demystify the blues, and give you the skills to jam with confidence and pleasure!


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