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Eric Clapton

Player Studies



This course includes the following 5 units

Unit 1

Silly Beer

We kick off with a really cool solo, that really highlights Clapton’s Albert King influence, as well as introduces us to Clapton’s phrasing, vibrato, tone and movement between box 1 and box 2 pentatonic scales.

Unit 2

The Minor Pentatonic

In the second section we turn our attention to mastering the 5 minor pentatonic shapes. We work through one shape at a time, talking in terms of tones (root b3rd 4th 5th b7th) and supply a cool Cream era lick for each of them.

Unit 3

Clapton 12 Bar

In this section we take a break from the lead to look at a classic 12 bar style rhythm, up beat and hard! We look at the 12 bar structure, especially with quick blues tracks and build it up from the basic shuffle.

Unit 4

A Deeper Dive

We will now take our knowledge of the 5 shapes, and start putting them together in various keys and with linking patterns. We’ll also talk about the minor and major third, and using that to crossover to major pentatonic.

Unit 5

Zebra Crossing

We will now take everything and put it together in a Clapton style solo! This solo will really test your new knowledge, speed, phrasing and control, so strap in and get ready for some fun!


Historic tone, phrasing and songwriting

Eric Clapton will probably always be considered one of the greatest all-time guitar players if nothing else for his impressive career that has spanned over 50 years! We've put together an incredible 26 lesson course, taking a deep dive into Clapton's legendary time with Cream, including a range of awesome solos, rhythm tracks, theory and, above all, a real understanding of exactly how Clapton did what he did on the guitar, whilst he changed rock history with Cream!

From the moment I heard my first Clapton riff I was absolutely hooked. I don't know what it was about the sound but I was instantly obsessed

Dan Holton

Jam like Clapton

This course focuses in on Clapton's tenure with Cream, a period that saw him pushed to the zenith of his guitar prowess by Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. This sets the stage for an electrifying player study, with Dan's love for Clapton's playing shining through. By the end of this Player Study, you'll understand how Clapton plays. Simple. When you next listen to a Cream record, you'll not only appreciate it on a deeper level, but you'll also be able to pick up your guitar and jam alongside the maestro himself.


26 HD videos

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