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Finger Tapping




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Unit 1

Finger Tapping

Finger tapping can be an incredible tool for creativity and finding your own voice on the guitar! In this course, we build up from the very basics, and lesson by lesson advance your tapping.


Two hands are better than one!

What do you think about when you think of finger tapping? Well, for some it’s a bit of a gimmick, a party trick etc... but Claire has a very different point of view, and one we would be wise to acknowledge, for the good of our playing! Actually, finger tapping can be an incredible tool for creativity and finding your own voice on the guitar... Just look at players like Eddie Van Halen, or more modern day players like Tim Henson from Polyphia. As well as the incredible technical skill you need to build up to play in this way, you're also developing your showmanship! Especially in a rock setting, finger tapping has a certain theatrical element to it, and Claire loves nothing more than wowing her audience when playing live using this technique!

If want to give your rock playing a more modern sound, then tapping is an excellent gateway for that. Its theatrical nature also levels up your live game and the skill it takes levels up your technique!

Claire Genoud

Another tool in the toolbox

Every serious rock or metal player should learn how to tap, it’s yet another incredible tool to have in your playing toolbox, and will massively improve your playing. In this course, we build up from very basics, and lesson by lesson advance the tapping. From single strings to multiple strings, followed by finger tapping licks and finally finger tapping riffs. This covers both the lead and rhythm style of finger tapping, and gives you all the skills you need to unlock this creative way of playing. Claire also believes it’s crucial to relate tapping to things you already know, so that you can more easily incorporate them into your day to day playing. That’s exactly what we do so in this course. So, if you’ve just started your tapping journey, or feel like you need some new inspiration in this subject, this course will be perfect for you!


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