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Funk Essentials Level 1

Guitar Skills



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Play that funky music

Welcome to Funk Essentials Level 1! In this course we'll be taking your funk playing from absolute scratch all the way up to confidently playing tracks in the style of James Brown to Bruno Mars! We'll learn to make your right hand the driving force, allowing you to groove effortlessly. As you progress, you'll delve into chords, lead lines, and ghost notes essential for any funk style.This course is a must for all intermediate guitarists, it will level up not only your funk but your pop, rock, blues and pretty much any other genre that you play!

Our focus is to build up and master the absolute core essentials you need to play any funk track. Your right hand will become the groove's engine, setting the tempo and feel

Dan Holton

Master your right hand groove

The core of funk is 16th note strumming, where your right hand controls the groove. We would argue that this control makes up at least 50% of the funk essence! Through dedicated tracks and exercises, this course will help you master this vital technique. Then the focus shifts to enhancing your left hand skills, covering chords, lead lines, and ghost notes. You'll tackle various chord types and dive into ghost notes and muted strings. We also introduce a cool concept called bubble picking which will transform your lead guitar abilities into dynamic, rhythmic components, elevating your funky chops!


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

16th Note Gym

In unit 1, our focus is to get your right and left-hand synced up and hyper funky! It's important to build it up gradually, mastering each element at a time. So, we kick off with the focus on the 16th note strumming.

Lesson 1The Basics

Lesson 2Adding Stops

Lesson 3Ghost Notes

Lesson 4Full Funky - Part 1

Lesson 5Full Funky - Part 2

Unit 2

Going Down Town

In this unit we will work through our first full funk track, learning how the guitar player sits amongst the band in a "James Brown era" style groove.

Lesson 1The Groove

Lesson 2Semitone Funk!

Lesson 3The C9!

Lesson 4The Turnaround

Lesson 5Getting Tight

Unit 3

Minor 7th Mastery

In this unit we'll be turning our attention to the minor 7th CAGED chords, to ensure we learn these fantastic chord shapes across the neck.

Lesson 1Em Shape

Lesson 2Dm Shape

Lesson 3Cm Shape

Lesson 4Am Shape

Lesson 5Gm Shape

Unit 4

Disco Funky Town

For our final unit, we will be bringing together every single element that we have learnt so far, plus a whole lot more to piece together the final track! This track is a more modern, Bruno Mars style track that uses a range of funk techniques.

Lesson 1The Intro

Lesson 2The Verse

Lesson 3The Chorus

Lesson 4The Lead Line

Lesson 5The Whole Thing!

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