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George Benson

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A fusion of jazz and pop

Welcome to the George Benson Player Study! George is an absolute master of the guitar, and his fusion of jazz and pop makes him one of the most incredible guitar players in the world. We kick off the player study by learning an awesome solo that combines chromatics, bluesy runs, jazzy octaves, a variety of scales, arpeggios, as well as some seriously quick guitar playing.

Get your jazzy guitar out, plug into a super-clean amp, and have some fun!

Dion Rushe

A new way to play

George Benson is one of the most respected guitarists in the world having successfully blended the extremely technical and expressive jazz guitar with perfect pop songs and beautiful melodies! During this course we focus on both George's solo and rhythm playing, including octave parts, chromatic ideas, cool jazzy scales and a tonne of extension chords! As always we apply every bit of theory we look at with full solos and songs to learn to ensure you can apply all of these new ideas to your own playing.


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This course includes the following 5 units:

Unit 1

Feel Like Baking Buns

We kick off our George Benson player study with a super cool 80's vibe track! George is famous for bringing his incredible jazz vocabulary to awesome pop records.

Lesson 1"Feel Like Baking Buns"

Lesson 2Lick 1

Lesson 3Lick 2

Lesson 4Lick 3-4

Lesson 5Lick 5-6

Lesson 6Lick 7-8

Unit 2

George's Trick Bag

As you will have seen from the first solo study, George has a lot of go to ideas! In this section will will be looking through the octaves, double stops, economy picking, semi-tone slides and chromatic ideas that he uses in his playing.

Lesson 7Octaves

Lesson 8Double Stops

Lesson 9Economy Picking

Lesson 10Semitone Slides

Lesson 11Chromatics

Unit 3

George's Jazz

To play jazz at the level Mr Benson does you need to have a firm grasp of theory and chord construction. In this section Dion will be breaking down a typical Benson jazz progression to get you mastering the rhythm side of his playing as well as the lead.

Lesson 12"George's Jazz"

Lesson 13Theory

Lesson 14Bb9 Chord

Lesson 15Em7b5 & Ebmaj7

Lesson 16Ab13 Chord

Unit 4

Benson's Blues

Following on from the rhythm section we will now take that 4 chord jazz piece and learn how to solo over it in a George Benson style. This is all about timing, targeting chord tones and vocal phrasing.

Lesson 17"Benson's Blues"

Lesson 18Lick 1

Lesson 19Lick 2

Lesson 20Lick 3

Lesson 21Lick 4

Unit 5

Getting The Tone

Chris takes you through all the guitars, amps and pedals we used to get an accurate George Benson tone. With George we would say that 99% of the tone is in the fingers and playing skill, especially as he doesn't use a single pedal!

Lesson 22Getting The Tone - George Benson

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