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Guitar Skills



This course includes the following 4 units

Unit 1

Essential Theory

In this unit we get to a fundamental baseline in music theory.

Unit 2

Fretboard Mapping

In this second unit we will take all the theory we’ve covered so far and start to use it to map out the fretboard.

Unit 3

Major Progressions

In this third unit we’re going to focus entirely on the major side of the 12 keys.

Unit 4

Minor Progressions

In our final unit we will cover the same ground as in unit 3, except now we will be focusing on the minor side of the key.


The musical blueprint

This course is unique, and will answer some of the biggest questions you’ve likely ever asked as a beginner or intermediate player. “Why do these chords sound good together? Why can I play this chord here, and use that scale over the top?”. We’ve all asked these questions before, and the answer lies in Harmony. We have all these chords, we have all these scales and pieces of theory fragmented across all of that, but how does all of that translate to actual music? Well, Franco is here to transform your guitar from something you practice, to something you create music with. And show you how you can use it to learn songs completely by ear.

The goal is that one day you come to my lesson and tell me that it’s your last lesson as you listened to a song on the bus and knew how to play it before you even picked up the guitar at home. That’s the magic, and you can get there.

Franco Lacan

Turning theory into music

Over 4 fantastic units we build up the harmonic essentials you need to start creating your own songs, backing tracks and even learning songs by ear. Unit 1 is an important refresher of core theory concepts that we all need as a foundation. Unit 2 shows us the chords that sound good together, and why they do. It’s a big question but you’ll be surprised how simple the answers are! Unit 3 is all about creating major chord progressions as well as how to build a strong melody, whilst Unit 4 focuses on the minor side of harmony. Across the final units we even go behind the scenes to show you the detail of creating your own songs in any music program! By the end of the course you have everything you need to turn your guitar into a music making machine!


20 HD videos

Full lesson notes

Backing tracks

Supporting diagrams

Interactive guitar tab

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