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Home Studio Guide

Guitar Skills



This course includes the following 4 units

Unit 1

The Hardware

Our first unit takes place in the YGA studios! Dan will walk you through all of the hardware you might want to consider when setting up your home guitar space.

Unit 2

Tutors' Hardware

With the absolute basics understood, we'll now take this show on the road and visit 5 different tutors' studios, to see exactly how they've done it!

Unit 3


We should have a pretty firm grasp on the hardware we need for our home setups by this point. The next phase of the course is to drill down on the software.

Unit 4

Tutors Software

In our final Unit, we will be having a lot of fun! We will now go back to our 5 tutors' studios and ask them to show us how they practice and jam within their studio space.


Create the perfect practice space

Welcome to our Home Studio course! You're about to embark on a journey to create your dream home music space. The course is all about cultivating a practice space that's not just functional but inspiring. Whether you're aiming to set up a dedicated practice corner or a full-fledged home studio, this course has you covered. It's a departure from the usual guitar exercises, focusing instead on creating a space that encourages you to pick up your guitar and practice every day.

The idea is to have a unique space that you can go to which is your place to bliss out and just make playing fun!

Dan Holton

All the gear and all the ideas

The course is divided into four units. In Unit 1 you'll explore guitars, amps, pedals, audio interfaces, and speaker setups. In Unit 3, the focus shifts to software, where you'll discover the world of DAWs, VST instruments, and recording techniques. But what sets this course apart is Units 2 and 4, where we visit five diverse home music spaces belonging to Your Guitar Academy tutors. These spaces range from practice rooms to fully equipped studios, providing you with a wealth of inspiration and ideas for your own setup. By the end of this course, you'll not only know what you want in your music space but also how to create it. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to pick up your guitar every day, and maybe even record some music!


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