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Improvisation Level 1

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The scale is not your everything

Without a doubt, the hardest topic to teach and learn on the guitar is improvisation. There is a reason you can find millions of videos on learning the scales you can use to improvise, but very few on actually how to then improvise with them. That reason; Improvisation is creative, personal and unique to everyone. How do you teach something that is unique to everyone, especially online?! Well, we've been working for months to bring you the start of an incredible series of courses that focuses on helping you discover your ability to improvise, which is a skill that can be learnt and taught!

Improvising is one of the most beautiful and rewarding activities you can do in music. To be able to create a sound on the guitar that you've just thought in the moment is <u>pure magic</u>

Thomas McConville

If you can solo with one note...

Our mantra for this course is, "If you can improvise and solo with just a single note, then imagine what you could do with more". If you're finding yourself hitting a brick wall with your improvisation, I guarantee that what you don't need is more scales or more theory. What you need is to strip it all back, start to understand the impact of each individual note combined with different rhythms, and learn the importance of a tool bag of techniques. Slides, bends, legato, vibrato; These are the tools you have at your disposal when improvising, and we will ensure that you have a very real understanding of how to use them, and how to apply them to your lead improvisation.


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

Single Note Rhythms

To ensure that we build upon strong foundations with our improvisation, we need to really start at the beginning.

Lesson 1Notes On The Neck

Lesson 2Whole, Half & 1/4 Notes!

Lesson 3Introducing 8th Notes

Lesson 4Introducing Syncopation

Lesson 5Brain Melting 16ths

Unit 2

Developing Intervals

Now we have put the work in with a single note, we can start to add some extra notes to our improvisation.

Lesson 1Minor 3rd Interval

Lesson 2Minor 7th Interval

Lesson 3The 4th Interval

Lesson 4The 5th & B String!

Lesson 5Completing The Box!

Unit 3


Let's now switch our attention to building up the major intervals surrounding the root note.

Lesson 1Major 2nd & Major 3rd

Lesson 2Major 6th & 5th

Lesson 3Major vs Minor

Lesson 4The Octave & Slides!

Lesson 5String Sets

Unit 4

Major To Minor

In our final unit we will be putting everything together so far, and working towards a more fluid improvisational style.

Lesson 1Moving Shapes

Lesson 2Phrasing Ideas Part 1

Lesson 3Phrasing Ideas Part 2

Lesson 4Relative Major & Minor

Lesson 5Let's Jam It Out!

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