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Jimmy Page

Player Studies



This course includes the following 5 units

Unit 1

Rock & Rock

We kick off our Jimmy Page course with a super quick rock and roll solo that oozes technique and creativity. The licks are quick and there are very few breaks for air, so we will take time to break down each lick and explain what's going on theory wise.

Unit 2

Zeppelin Riffing!

Learning to play like Jimmy Page isn't just about being able to solo! The reason he is so popular as a guitarist is thanks to his amazing ability to pen incredible riffs! In this part of the course we will go through how you can achieve these sounds.

Unit 3

Adding The Full Scale

We will now bring our attention back to lead by analysing how Jimmy Page expands the pentatonic sounds by adding major and minor notes. We call this the 'full scale' and will talk about it in detail in this section!

Unit 4

Since You've Been Liking Me

To complete our course we will be applying all of the full scale theory we have learnt to this extremely cool, and challenging, slow minor blues. Jimmy Page is truly the master of lead dynamics, and we really go to town on it in this solo!

Unit 5

Getting The Tone

Jimmy Page was probably most famous for wielding his Gibson Les Paul, but there is more to it than that! He used Telecasters, a wide variety of amps including Marshall, Orange and many more. In this video Chris takes you through how we found his tone!


Climb the Stairway

The Led Zeppelin axe man essentially spawned an entire generation of guitarists and songwriters by beautifully blending traditional blues music with the more progressive sounds and techniques of his day to create something new, exciting and special. In this course we'll study his lead and rhythm playing, tackle the scales and theory behind his sound, and examine how he used techniques such as major chord riffs and octave parts in his songwriting.

Jimmy Page's fusion of blues melodies with progressive ideas reshaped the landscape of guitar playing forever

Dan Holton

Good Times

Our Jimmy Page player study is ideal for any intermediate guitarist interested in blues or progressive rock music. We closely examine Page's songwriting techniques, from crafting major chord riffs to intricate octave parts and beyond. Through the analysis of two specially crafted solos, we unveil the magic behind his musical brilliance.


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