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John Mayer

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Enter a Wonderland of guitar skill

Learn to play with John Mayer's unique flair in a course that covers every distinctive facet of his playing style. Encompassing acoustic grooves evocative of "Room For Squares", the awesome blues of "Trio" and the commanding lead playing of "Continuum", our John Mayer player study is a challenging course that will push any advanced player to new heights.

John Mayer is one of the most talented modern-day guitar players

Dan Holton

Genuine understanding

We don't just want you to be able to emulate John Mayer's songs. We strive to nurture your genuine understanding of his style, enabling you to bring elements you like most into your own guitar playing. The notes aren't everything though, we also guide you through the selection of guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and settings used to get these tones!. While this course presents challenges, it is divided into manageable steps, and is a great fit for intermediate guitarists. Join us and discover the joy of mastering John Mayer's remarkable guitar prowess!


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This course includes the following 5 units:

Unit 1

Acoustic John

John has a unique acoustic style where he uses a sort of 'claw hammer' technique to add percussion and extremely groovy elements to his songs. We will specifically be analysing how John achieves the effect from the live version of 'Neon'!

Lesson 1"Helium"

Lesson 2Fingerstyle Pattern

Lesson 3The Chords

Lesson 4The Slap

Lesson 5Putting It Together

Unit 2

Trio John

We will now be looking at John's more bluesy guitar playing. The album 'Trio' is a masterpiece of bass, drum and guitar playing, and John really let's his inner blues come out! We single out how he combines big SRV style riffs riff quick Hendrix licks!

Lesson 6"Why Did You Think I Wasn't"

Lesson 7The Notes

Lesson 8Technique

Lesson 9E and D Lick

Lesson 10Putting It Together

Unit 3

Electric John Rhythm

In this course we will specifically look at Johns chord and rhythm approach from albums such as 'Contiuum', which includes licks, cool chord inversions and a lot of feel. We also work on playing without a pick!

Lesson 11"Waiting On The Galaxy To Expand"

Lesson 12The Chords

Lesson 13The Licks

Lesson 14Right Hand Popping

Lesson 15Putting It Together

Unit 4

Electric John Lead

In this section we will be looking at John's lead approach, specifically at how he plays with his fingers rather than a plectrum. We study a cool solo where there are quick pentatonics in various positions, bluesy runs, dynamics and lots of cool ideas!

Lesson 16"Waiting On The Galaxy To Expand"

Lesson 17Part 1

Lesson 18Part 2

Lesson 19Part 3

Lesson 20Part 4

Unit 5

Getting The Tone

With John Mayer we needed to find a variety of tones to cover the various stages of his guitar career. We look at the basics behind getting a good acoustic tone, then how we get the Trio tone and Continuum tone with a Strat, one amp and a few pedals!

Lesson 21"Helium" Tone

Lesson 22"Why Did You Think I Wasn't" Tone

Lesson 23"Waiting On The Galaxy To Expand" Tone

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