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Master Your Fingers

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Welcome to our Master Your Fingers Guitar Gym Course! This course targets four core practice elements: finger twisters, pentatonic scales, three and four string scales, and arpeggios. For each of these elements, we have created exercises and workouts so you can improve your speed, accuracy, synchronization, and overall guitar technique. At the end of each unit, we consolidate all the exercises into a challenging mega-workout, that you can play along with the tutor! Think of this course as a workout video for your guitar playing!

This course will provide you with all the finger twisting fun you'll ever need as an intermediate player!

Dan Holton

Four key areas

The first unit focuses on crucial exercises that enhance finger independence, synchronization, and technique. Unit two dives into the world of pentatonic scales. This two note per string scale is an absolute must and we use this opportunity to master the shapes across the neck and really build up a more practical and usable set of exercises that would sound good in any solo. Then we explore three-note scale shapes, emphasizing** economy picking**. Lastly, unit four is dedicated to major and minor arpeggios, with sweep picking exercises. Each unit concludes with a thorough workout for continuous skill development, so you can return to this course whenever you need a technique or speed boost!


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This course includes the following 4 units:

Unit 1

Classic Finger Twist

We take 5 awesome exercises that work to build your strength and technique with both hands. These exercises are not always the most musical, but man do they do the job!

Lesson 11234 & 1324 Skipping

Lesson 2Ultimate Legato

Lesson 3Chromatic Scale

Lesson 4Lateral Spider

Lesson 5Octave Exercise

Lesson 6Mega Workout

Unit 2

Pentatonic Scales

We move on to something a bit more musical in this unit. These exercises will develop your pentatonic knowledge and can be instantly applied to soloing!

Lesson 13 Up 1 Down 5 Shapes

Lesson 2Across The Neck In 3's

Lesson 3Descending In 5's

Lesson 4Pentatonic Octaves

Lesson 5Pentatonic Slides

Lesson 6Mega Workout

Unit 3

Three Notes Per String

This unit takes things up a level - getting into wider stretches and economy picking with a really useful new scale shape.

Lesson 1Economy Picking

Lesson 2Bendy Legato

Lesson 3Sequence in 4's

Lesson 4Moving The Pattern

Lesson 5Picking In 3rds

Lesson 6Mega Workout

Unit 4

Triad Arpeggios

This final unit deals with arpeggios. You'll learn some really useful shapes and develop the picking techniques needed to really use them in your own playing!

Lesson 13 String Major & Minor

Lesson 25 String Major & Minor

Lesson 3Full Neck Major Triad

Lesson 4Full Neck Minor Triad

Lesson 5Major & Minor Epic

Lesson 6Mega Workout!

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