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Learn the fretboard

The fretboard can be quite the mystery to students of all levels. Even after you know some chords, scales and licks, you’re probably still staring at that plank of wood with dots on it thinking “what is this thing?!”, and don’t worry, that’s very normal! Let us introduce you to the power of octaves. This simple concept, and beautiful word, will shine an enormous light of understanding over the whole fretboard. Understanding the octave will help you understand the instrument as a whole; the chords become easier, scales become easier, intervals, tuning and even the general build of the guitar all becomes understandable. Learning octaves is absolutely crucial!

There is no quicker way to map out the entire fretboard than with octaves. You will be able to find any note you want, anywhere on the guitar, in no time at all!

Franco Lacan

No more mystery!

In this course we will begin by learning the science behind an octave. Understanding what an octave really is will be a major step in understanding how to use it. We’ll then step forward into more practical concepts, focusing on how to play specific octave shapes on the guitar. With just two shapes, you can play octaves on the whole neck and on every string. This empowers us to find every single note on the fretboard in no time at all. Finally, we take all this new knowledge and apply it musically, to give you a demonstration of how useful these octave shapes can be in your own songwriting. This challenge course is perfect for any improvers to advanced players that have never studied the octave in any form of detail.


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This course includes the following unit:

Unit 1


Lesson 1What is an Octave?

Lesson 21st Hand Position

Lesson 32nd Hand Position

Lesson 4Strumming Octaves

Lesson 5Musical Octaves

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